First Published: 2016-05-18

Baghdad-hundreds of spread peace and militia Brigade the day of religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr Wednesday in Sadr City and some other neighborhoods in Baghdad after a bloody string of blasts Tuesday that killed at least 77 people and wounding 140 others.

Some sources said that Sadr's militia deployed at the entrances to the city and the layout in vital areas and in turn informed the security forces deployed in the City accusing it failing as the security file will be.

Some sources also spoke about the proliferation of camouflage-clad fighters belonging to the peace corps in Sadr City aboard trucks carrying machine guns where parking is banned and tightened their control on the main road junctions.

An eyewitness said "that these fighters were more numerous than the Government security forces maintain a presence in the neighborhood."

Sadr's fighters and pitching tents in front of the markets where women searched women customers after initial investigations revealed that the bomber was a woman, people in the neighborhood.

Synchronized spread of militias with an incident a police patrol people throw bottles and stones and held responsible for entry.

At least 77 people were killed and over 140 injured in three bombings in Baghdad on Tuesday in the deadliest wave of attacks in the Iraqi capital this year, prompting Shiite insurgents out into the streets to defend some areas.

This was after hours of directing chest speech criticizing the Iraqi Government for failing to provide security on the background of the Baghdad Bombings left dozens dead and wounded, threatening that the blood of Iraqis "will not go to waste."

And adopting Islamic State suicide drop 41 dead and more than 70 wounded in a market of people majority Shiite district north of Baghdad, in addition to the car bombing in Sadr City killed at least 30 people and wounded 57, according to hospital sources.

The sources said that another car exploded in good neighborhood South of the capital, killing six people and wounding 21.

The Iraqi Prime Minister's Office said in a statement that Haider Abadi Abadi ordered the arrest of the official who lead the security in the district after the attack. The statement did not give a reason for arrest.

The Islamic State said attacks claimed in and around the city last week killed more than 100 people which blew the anger in the streets because of the Government's failure to ensure security.

With casualties mounting fears of the fall of Baghdad again in the abyss of bloodletting that endured a decade ago when it was sectarian motivated suicide bombings killing dozens every week.

This has increased pressure on the Prime Minister to resolve a political crisis or even risk losing control over areas of Baghdad for an Islamic State while waging a counterattack against army organization in North and West Iraq to assist us-led coalition.

Abbadi says that the crisis which broke out because of his efforts to change the Cabinet in an effort to combat corruption, hampering the fight against the Islamic State and an opportunity to launch more attacks against civilians.

Another dangerous element explosions added to the power struggle within the Shiite majority in Iraq with failed attempts to form a new Government.