2016/05/18 13:21


The Federal Judiciary said Wednesday, on the 25th day of the month of may the first meeting date for the present to consider appeals submitted House sessions held during the month of April.

And Judiciary spokesman judge Abdul Sattar Bayraqdar obtained statement, (range), that "upon the decision of the Supreme Federal Court (17 may 2016), are going to invite the two parties to constitutional appeals two deputies during April last, to present their arguments and evidence in the proceedings the numbered 38/39/40/Federation/2016 accordingly select the day (25th of may 2016), a date for the first session in the eyes of these lawsuits."

The Federal Supreme Court was called, Tuesday, (17 may 2016), Parties invited to appeal two Parliament session last month to submit their answers within 15 days, while referring to her quest to resolve the invitations in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the laws and regulations in force, confirmed that meetings regarding invitations will be made public.

Iraq's judiciary announced, (12 may 2016), receiving six Federal Court suits to challenge the House sessions held during the month of April, sacking five Ministers from Office, confirmed that the Court had not received any case case itself during the previous period.

The Iraqi Parliament had voted on Thursday (April 14, 2016), during a meeting of the House of representatives lawmaker Adnan Janabi headed sitters and attend 171 deputies, unanimously dismissing the Presidency of Parliament and chose him instead of Chairman Salim Janabi Jabouri temporarily.

The deputies sat session saw 26 second legislative term second legislative year, Tuesday, (26 April 2016), headed by Salim Jabouri, votes unanimously to nominate ALA rich Health Minister instead of Adela Rahul Wafaa Al-mahdawi, Minister of labour and Social Affairs rather than Mohammed sheyaa peanuts, water resources Minister Bharat instead of Mohsen Al-shammari, ALA dashur Minister of electricity instead of Qasim captured suspects, Abdul Razak Alissa Minister of higher education and scientific research instead of Hussain Shahristani, in order to vote on Candidate Foreign Minister Sherif Ali Ibn Hussein, Parliament failed to give confidence to the Ministers of education and justice.

Thousands of demonstrators stormed Sadr, (30 April 2016), green zone and the Iraqi Parliament building in Baghdad, protesting the lack of comprehensive reforms, cabinet reshuffle and surrounded the Parliament staff and some lawmakers after smashing furniture Hall Council meetings.

Green Zone intrusion came just minutes after the Sadr movement leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, during a press conference, also on Saturday, all politicians and refused to "babysit" whatever claim without "radical reform," as he said, "waiting for the great popular uprising and the great people's revolution", go back to the people is the only meaning to choose their own destiny "as keep sharecropping or topple the Government.

It is said that the three presidencies and political blocs, condemned (1 may 2016), breaking into green zone by protesters, and decided to "intensify" their meetings to reach a "radical reform", while the Kurdistan blocs threatened to reconsider its participation in the political process, after storming the demonstrators described as "painful blow" to the political process, President of the coalition of State law, Nuri al-Maliki, to achieve change "cannot be achieved amid threats and occupation of Parliament, prompted by" restoring