Mr Sadr: the Government is unable to protect citizens

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} Mr Sadr leader Muqtada al-Sadr that the Government is unable to protect citizens.

Mr Sadr said, addressing people as "my beloved sons, Mujahid, that the bombings even affecting your cities and your families and your provision and destabilize security are the clearest evidence that your Government is powerless to protect and provide security for you after that stole all resources, peace on Iraq's martyrs and their blood pure and the patience and fortitude to their families struggle-and wellness to their wounded, and victory and consistency to every Burger meal rebel against injustice and corruption."
"I know that every drop of blood in this month is watering the tree of liberty, peace and stability and to reject injustice, corruption and terrorism, your blood will not go in vain and I keep replying to myself I am you and you."
It is said that Baghdad witnessed a car bomb Tuesday in good area, a bomb followed by a suicide terrorist executed near a popular market in the area, killing a number of martyrs and wounded.
Sadr City also witnessed today in the yard of a terrorist explosion {55} pickup truck exploded, killing and injuring innocent citizens.
As seen in Baghdad last Wednesday when a car bomb exploded in Sadr City also shelled the market center, followed by another car bomb in the Holy City of Kadhimiya, the third car in the University District, which left dozens of civilians between Shahid. All over article.php%3Fstoryid%3D117220