Sadr told Iraqis: your government can not protect you and your blood will not go in vain

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad face of the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr on Tuesday sharply criticized the Iraqi government against the backdrop of bombings in Baghdad today and caused dozens of deaths and injuries, returned them " a sign of the inability of " the government in providing security for the citizens, as he emphasized that the blood of Iraqis " I will not go in vain." Sadr said in a statement: "O my people beloved patient Mujahid, said the blasts that affect your towns and your families and provided you and undermine your security but is the clearest evidence that your government has become unable to protect and provide security to you after we stole all Kharatkm." He said al- Sadr "know that every drop of blood takes place in this month but is watering freedom, peace and stability of the tree and the rejection of injustice, corruption and terrorism , " pointing out that "your blood will not go in vain; I kept back for myself , I am of you and to you." it is noteworthy that the capital Baghdad witnessed today Tuesday (17 May 2016), the bombings in the Shaab district, Sadr city and the southern Rasheed resulted in the death and injury of 187 people, while the organization "Daash" claimed responsibility for the bombing of the people.

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