Urgent .. Kurdistan declares send a senior delegation to Baghdad to discuss the referendum Alasagtlal
Tuesday 17-05-2016
| 3:29:28
Twilight News / announced Hemin Hawrami foreign relations official in the Kurdistan Democratic Party and a senior delegation from the Kurdistan will visit Baghdad to discuss the issue of the referendum and discuss on ways to address the problems and disagreements between the two sides.

This came during a foreign relations official of the Democratic Party Zainab Aliava existing receivers work the Canadian government in Kurdistan.

Hawrami said in the meeting that the Iraqi government has committed itself to the materials and paragraphs of the Constitution, conventions and sought the terms of a true partnership and coexistence between the components, there is a possibility to hold the referendum.

He Hawrami if we have not reached an agreement with Baghdad convincingly solve the referendum will take place and we will abide by the decision of the people.

And on the liberalization of the city of Mosul Hemin Hawrami stressed the importance of liberation of the city as well as the plan for post-editing.

For its part the work of the existing hoped the Canadian government in Kurdistan, progress and prosperity of the democratic experience in the Kurdistan region and address the problems and differences through dialogue and democratic means. http://www.ara.shafaaq.com/71382