Jubouri Abadi discuss contain the crisis and hold negligent in the recent bombings
May 17, 2016
Search Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, in his office on Monday evening, with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi developments in the political, security and economic conditions, in addition to my detainees and displaced persons.

A statement by the Office of the al-Jubouri said the meeting "also discussed the implications of the current political crisis and mechanisms to speed up cordoned and to find the necessary solutions to it first and foremost to address the imbalance in the security file and stand on the reasons for the recent violations and to hold accountable the perpetrators and provide the appropriate conditions for the return of the work of Parliament as soon as possible."

The two sides also discussed the "accelerating the pace of implementation of the comprehensive reform of all aspects of the project, in addition to providing the necessary support and care for the displaced and speed up the return them to their towns and the rehabilitation and reconstruction of these cities and provide allocations needed for that action."

Turning Jubouri Abadi "to the situation in Diyala province and the need to maintain security and the commitment of the security agencies neutrality, in addition to activating the role of state institutions, legislative, executive, and the importance of important laws and legislation undertaken by the House of Representatives."

The meeting was attended by the political body of the Alliance of Iraqi forces as well as the National Security Adviser Faleh al-Fayad.