Zain Iraq launches data bundles as part of a strategy of digital Zain is leading the digital initiatives of the Iraqi economy.

admin Last update: Tuesday, May 17 2016 - 12:41
Zain Iraq launches data bundles as part of a strategy of digital Zain is leading the digital initiatives of the Iraqi economy.

Global Studies indicated by the World Federation for mobile phones (GSMA) that there are more than 3 billion a user connects to the Internet through smart mobile phones, which contributes directly to enrich the digital economy, where he became the digital economy of the most important indicators adopted, which directly affect the countries' economies and individuals as well as international experience has confirmed that there is a direct proportion between the increase in data and gross domestic product in these countries the growth rates of users ratios.

In this context and translation of strategy Zine digital company, national and social responsibility launched Zain Iraq, a range of innovative data transfer bouquets offers aimed at the development of data and enrich the transfer of services and enhancing its plans to introduce digital innovative services to its subscribers,
whether as individuals or institutions and continue to develop the telecommunications sector in Iraq and open horizon in magazines smart cities and innovative digital solutions, which has become one of the most important success factors of business or commerce (e-business & e- commerce) not to mention the direct impact on the infrastructure sectors as important as health, education and evolution.

And announced by Zain Iraq based on innovative network and built according to international standards adopted and expertise accumulated in the regional markets new data bundles will enable its subscribers to connect to the Internet offer a daily cost 1500 dinars and a weekly show at a cost of 7,000 dinars and two bids size of unlimited data for all of its subscribers, making it the the first telecom company offering data bundles deals in Iraq.

Dr. Haidar Radi, head of operational management in Zain Iraq, commented on the launch of these new offers by saying: "Data has become the real indicator for the use of mobile phones and the global trend of mobile phone users puts our customers in a pioneering network Zain fact considered the best and most sophisticated and innovative, which enabled it to launch service 3.9 third generation since the first day.

And put Zain Iraq in the Iraqi consumer accessible through expert regional range of services that meet their needs and provide the best offers and solutions in the world of data networking and communication to choose from what suits them comes this new offer to be added to our offerings and services aimed at activating the communication between segments of society and to enable the Iraqi youth series to connect with the world and share their ideas and their dreams as they want and aspire clock.

We look at young people as a key partner and this partnership not only accept and continue to shine through the follow-up and provide solutions and give each participant the opportunity to communicate with the world as it aspires. "