Prime Minister held regular meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haid
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Thread: Prime Minister held regular meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haid

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    Prime Minister held regular meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haid

    Prime Minister held regular meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi

    The Press Office of the prime minister
    Tuesday, 17-5-2016

    The Cabinet held its regular day Tuesday under the chairmanship of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi.
    And make sure Mr Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, that despite the numerous challenges facing the country, but to our heroes make victories and free the land, and I started yesterday of the city of wetlands and God willing, bleeding human. Victory of her soon To complete the liberation of all lands of terrorist gangs.

    The Council endorsed the victories achieved and support our heroine and she battles honor against terrorist gangs calling on everyone to actual contribution to support these forces ladd important momentum victories and edit every part of our lands.

    And The Council of ministers to terror attacks and addressing. And Intelligence, where up the enemy of his crimes against innocent citizens suffered more defeats in the land of the confrontation with our heroes.

    The Council discussed the issue of displaced persons, as directed by the ministry of finance to rush airgun allocations of displaced persons, and especially we are in for the month of Ramadan.

    It was also guidance must hurry for the return of displaced persons to the liberated areas and emphasis on the relevant ministries to provide the necessary supplies to bring them back to their areas and then efforts to return of displaced persons in the provinces of saladin diyala and Dunbar.

    As discussed the implications of the council of ministers in diyala province, and the emphasis on the guidance of the general commander of the armed forces of the conservation in maintaining security and non-use. in political conflicts.

    And in another aspect and taking into account the martyr s' families and worse than because of the terror attacks, it got approved by the cabinet to delegate to the ministry of trade, the validity of the settlement of amounts due to become citizens of the ration card them plus the families that have lost their breadwinner and only family now My kids just minors and injured ones intractable and chronic under reports from committees, medical, and persons with disabilities and the mentally ill after the submission of proof of that. and the families reported people passengers and deceased and recurrent's imaginary during distribution Ration Card and reported about one person the rest of the year.

    To support farmers article barley, the council of ministers approved by the ministry of finance spending 60 billion dinars in the form of two instalments in the months of may and June.

    As approved by the supreme judicial council his hotel state consultative council and referred it to the house of representatives based on the provisions of articles (61 / item first and 80 / Item II) of the constitution, taking into account the recommendations of the council of ministers on So.

    It was also the vote to adopt the indicators electronic citizen service programme by all government institutions.

    It was emphasized to hurry in treasury bonds activation procedures for the contractors, the council also decided the peasant s' coverage of these proceedings.

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