Asadi: Iraq worth the sacrifice of some officials for him and submit their resignations
Tue, 17 May 2016 07:53:42

Chairman of the Islamic Dawa Party - Iraq Organization Bloc Khalid al - Asadi said Iraq is worth the sacrifice of some officials for him and offer their resignations away from lineups or Altakndqat or break the wills.

Asadi in an interview with Sama Baghdad , stressed the need to resolve the political problems that can be solved only through dialogue and understandings between the political parties, indicating that it should be that everyone is keen to resolve the problems of the country in accordance with the legal and constitutional paths.

He added: Those involved in public affairs that brought sacrifices deserve the country and if necessary to make some officials and Almtsidin resigned to the fact that Iraq is worth it when going through the security and economically precarious conditions, stressing that it should be that dealt with things hold such ways away from lineups or Altakndqat or break wills .

This announced the Kurdistan Alliance, on Monday, a boycott of his deputies to the Council session scheduled for Tuesday overall House of Representatives, while attributing the cause to the continued security breaches in the capital Baghdad and the absence of protesters Representatives for parliamentary sessions.

He said coalition member Sirwan Abdullah in a press statement that " the Kurdish leadership has instructed the heads of political blocs Kurdistan Alliance not to resume the Council of Representatives, as well as for a boycott of the overall session called by Saleem al - Jubouri and scheduled for Tuesday . "