Darraji: Most of the advisers of the three presidencies do not practice their work and exist outside the country
Date: Mon 16/05/2016

Said the parliamentary finance committee member Rahim al - Darraji Thursday that placed the presence of advisers in the three presidencies dates back to 2006 and is used on the scope of the special relations only.
Darraji In a statement to "trend" , said that most advisors do not practice their actions not their job duties in the three governing body was the fact that the issue of appointment took place in accordance with the cronyism and personal relationships, indicating that these advisers receive a full salary and all the privileges granted Lhz office even though they are outside the country
and added that the quotas partisan provided full protection to the corrupt and Zment not held accountable or Msolthm according to the law because the integrity Commission is unable to show any file real against senior personalities but merely small files that marred by corruption charges.
He pointed out that there is information confirming the presence of some of more than 200 degrees and careers under the adviser 's address in one of the three presidencies without practicing the currency of any other words placebo adviser , "according to the recipe , "
revealed the parliamentary Finance Committee Iraq, there are more than 200 placebo adviser in the three presidencies
, said committee member MP Magda Tamimi said in a statement that " the consultants who were hired in the three presidencies are and Humayun", pointing out that every president came 70 consultant does not exist of bachelor 's degree holders, and this is a a waste of public money http://www.chakooch.com/news.php?action=view&id=8215