Keywords denies any intention to change the Abadi and confirms that the rumors just rumors unfounded
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16-05-2016 04:03 PM

Denied the leadership and deputy Dawa Party, Ali Alaq, Alatnin, that there is an intention to change the head of Wazzra, stressing that his party is sticking Balebadi just hearsay and rumors are incorrect.

Keywords and he said, that 'the Dawa Party adheres Balebadi and there is no any alternative Maizhaa for the tongue just hearsay some of them are untrue. "

Adav, and that 'the Commission dialogue with the political blocs will meet today to develop a road on the comprehensive parliamentary session as soon as possible to resume the work of the House of Representatives map'.

We Alaq, 'We have received positive messages from the Kurds on their return to parliament and attend its meetings. "

The MP Jassem Mohammed al-Bayati, Monday, for the convening of a meeting on Tuesday to find solutions to the current crisis, while ruled out of the hearing in the absence of the Kurdistan Alliance and the House of Representatives of the protesters.