Coalition forces take advantage of the political crisis and provide the conditions in exchange for a return to the House of Representatives

The number of visits: 686 Published on: 16/5/2016, 11:23 Published by: Hamid

New alliance of Iraqi forces, on Monday, demanding the implementation of three new conditions to return to the House of Representatives, most notably raising the government's hand on the amounts owed to the displaced people and reveal the fate of more than 2000 kidnapped, and threatened to "the Cabinet meeting the province in the event of non-implementation of these demands."

He said the Iraqi coalition forces said in a statement today: "The political body of the alliance held a meeting under the chairmanship of Ahmed electrodes in the presence of representatives of all the allied political entities,"

noting that "it was discussed during the meeting of the current government and parliamentary crisis." The coalition forces, for, his faith to "the need for real reform through a predetermined methodology and clear goals to address imbalances as reflected in the security and humanitarian of life for the Iraqi people Karim fact,

" stressing the need to "get out of the current paralysis of the political process, both parliamentary and governmental and It starts by working to create conditions so that the Iraqi Council of Representatives held a joint session of the current under his chairmanship. "

He said the coalition, that "his participation in a joint session to come to the House of Representatives must be preceded by a number of concrete measures, which include that the government get out of the amounts due to the displaced and allocated in the annual budget law,"

adding, "These amounts are not a favor from the government or the gifts offered It is already withholding of employees' salaries in the whole of Iraq in solidarity with their brothers and displaced honest Aware of their suffering. "".

He called on the coalition, al-Abadi to "issue binding the return of displaced families to the liberated cities to organize orders (Daash) terrorist in Diyala, Salahuddin and belt Baghdad and northern Babil to dispel what has become the rule of certainty that there is a change Damrgrave the government or condoned by the policy is based on foundations and sectarian manner systematically biased. "

He pointed coalition forces, it is "hopeful that responds to the Prime Minister with the legitimate demands as an expression of his faith to reform the expeditious so as to expiration of the term is not short on deferred promises originally installed in the document Intergovernmental Agreement", stressing that it "will examine with his ministers representatives in the government and during the next two days option the next cabinet meeting in the province if it does not find a concrete response to those demands. "

The coalition rejected the Iraqi forces, in the 9 May 2016, do any political party to impose its will on the political partners on behalf of the demonstrators, calling on the Prime Minister to recognize Ptgosairh to protect the legislative institution, and the condition of deciding who has to "incitement to break into the parliament and the prosecution of the shares of subversion deliberate judicially, "dismantling of the Committee on Security and defense parliamentary association to protect the Council, noting that the conditions demanded implemented to attend the parliament session.+