Security forces freed three villages north-west of al-Baghdadi and raise the Iraqi flag over the quarterly area


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Managed security forces, on Sunday, the Edit three villages north-west of al-Baghdadi in Anbar. The media war cell in a statement that the cuts seventh division in the army, police and tribal fighters were able to edit and villages Dwylih Onaah and Alsamaanah northwest hand-Baghdadi al-Anbar Daash terrorist.

He added that those forces hoisted the Iraqi flag over a number of buildings in those villages. As it liberated the island under the command of the security forces operations, on Sunday, the quarterly area in the north of hand-Baghdadi.

He said the commander, Maj. Gen. Ali Al Jazeera Dbon in a press statement that the island under the command of operations and the attribution of the pieces of the ground security forces to lead the seventh band was able to edit the quarterly area in al-Baghdadi Island.

He pointed out that the security forces raised the Iraqi flag over the area after the Aldoaash inflicted heavy human and material losses. In the meantime, announced that the commander of the island and the desert operations, the launch of the entire military operation to liberate the Heat Island west of Anbar region of the gangs "Daash" criminal.

Dbon said in a press statement: that the security forces launched a security crackdown and widespread to cleanse the island and areas of the region to spend the western province of Anbar Heat. He added that the crackdown aims to clear all of the child to spend Hit areas to protect the displaced families to inhabit areas within the district center to prevent exposure to mortar fire from those under the control of the criminal organization areas.

He explained Dbon: The Army Air has provided air cover for the troops and security forces in the campaign chock Alamnah.kma announced Dbon, killed six terrorists north of Baghdadi in Anbar. He said that the artillery division of the seventh operations Anbar managed yesterday, from DC nests of terror in northern Daash Soenk Baghdadi region in Anbar, killing six terrorists.

In a related context, the commander, Maj. Gen. Al Jazeera, announced the deaths of four Doaash in Dwylibh area in Anbar. Dbon said in a press statement: The International Air Alliance enables yesterday killed four terrorists in the east of Daash quarterly Dwylibh area in Anbar.

Furthermore, it declared the leader of the popular crowd Nazim Aljughaifi, on Sunday, the readiness of the security forces to storm the wet spend western Anbar to free him from the control of the organization "Daash" criminal. Aljughaifi said in a press statement: The military units Bosnavha all and in coordination with the popular crowd preparing to break into the western Anbar province, the humid spend freed from the control of the organization Daash.

He Aljughaifi: The security forces are still waiting for the zero hour to break into the target area completely cleared of the criminal organization, noting that there is intelligence information that the escape of the leaders and elements of criminal organization from the region such as Aguethamha.opalmkabl, said the commander of the first battalion of the body the popular crowd in Anbar province, Col. Mahmoud patients Jumaili, on Sunday, all detachments official categorically vine southern Fallujah killed in the totals for "Daash" criminal nicknamed "Abu tiger" and seven of his aides crackdown east of the city of Fallujah.

Jumaily said in a press statement: The security force from the first cohort difficult tasks backed strongly by the Iraqi army carried out pre-emptive crackdown on Walker totals Daash criminal in subsidiaries to spend the vine east of the city of Fallujah, Al-Rashad area, where it has killed detachments official boycotted the Southern vine in the so-called regulation Hamid Turki Ibrahim and nicknamed (Abu Nimr) and seven of his aides.

He added that the force has also managed to destroy the weapons and military vehicles belonging to criminal gangs Daash in a pre-emptive crackdown, which was based on intelligence information. In Salahuddin, security forces killed four Daash terrorist gangs north of Baiji.

He said the federal police chief Lt. Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat told a news briefing: The second group of 13 Brigade was killed and four Doaash after the destruction of their boat in the village of Massoud Bmkhol, north of Baiji, north of Salahuddin spend.