House of Representatives explaining the reasons for preventing the entry of journalists

ibnnews May 16, 2016 Iraq News ,


The information department of the Council of Representatives made clear, the reasons for the decision of the presidency to prevent the entry of journalists and media at present to the parliament building and covered his activities after the incident, the storming of the Council of protesters in the 30 of last April.

According to a statement to parliament, the Iraqi transmitter network received (IBN) a copy of it, that "the Chairman of the Committee for Culture, Media parliamentary Maysoon al she met on Sunday, manager in the information department in the House of Representatives Mohammed Abu Bakr, for trading on the reasons preventing the media from entering the House of Representatives."

He said Abu Bakr, according to the statement that "the press center of the circle of media in the House of Representatives had been vandalized in the signal system and sound systems, one of the basic services provided by the information department told the media that".

He pointed to "near the building of a new extension press center of the House of Representatives ends are equipped with high-quality modern techniques."

The two sides "on the importance of the media's role in building the political process, rationalization, and the need for communication between the representatives of the people and the media as the fourth power, and a commitment to the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of Iraq."

For its part demanded Damluji director general of the information department in the House "to find alternatives to provide entry and media to the council building and cover the work and activities of the House of Representatives, and avoid estrangement between them, or exploit sabotage the long-information office for political purposes, until the completion of the construction of the new press center supplies" .

The House of Representatives, has introduced in the ninth of May this apologized for the reception of media and journalists to cover his activities and his work "until the completion of maintenance and rehabilitation of the press center after what he suffered from damage" the impact of the storming of demonstrators to the Green Zone and the parliament. "

He confirmed the information department of the parliament on the "continuing to broadcast council sessions on the Spectral Frequency year," Paul ", as well as the dissemination of all the Presidency's activities and members, in addition to the publication of the work and activities of the committees and the blocks on the official website of the Council," saying it's "fully prepared to cooperate with the media by providing mobile members of the House of Representatives numbers and the names of the committees and parliamentary blocs internalized it. "
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