Weights to hold a comprehensive session of parliament on Tuesday

After agreeing to extend the legislative term
Baghdad Shaima Rashid
Political likely that the House of Representatives held its meeting tomorrow amid positive reactions by the Kurds in the presence of the next parliament sessions, confirming everyone 's agreement on the need to extend the legislative term and to continue the political process. This was during the Presidency of the Parliament meeting with the heads of blocs and parliamentary committees in the parliament building yesterday, to discuss a number of issues , notably security and the financial side as well as on the subject continue to hold hearings and to extend the legislative term of the parliament.
MP Abbas al - Bayati , said all parties agree on the need to extend the legislative term and move to hold hearings, likely convene parliament within the next few days.
Bayati said in an interview ╗Sabah╗: the meeting of the heads of blocs and committees with the presidency aims to discuss the security and financial situation and the emphasis on holding a session of parliament this week , through dialogue with the blocs and political parties of all, noting that everyone stresses the need to extend the legislative term and not to go to the legislative recess and work on discuss all things under the dome of the parliament and not outside and to emphasize the continuity and the need for continuity of the political process.
He said al - Bayati said the parliament a cornerstone of the political process and everyone adheres to the need to hold meetings soon during this week by creating all the appropriate circumstances, pointing to the formation of a committee to prepare the logistical and communication with all blocs in order to create a quorum for the meeting during this week.
and on the presence of the Kurds to the sessions after they announced their boycott of them, al - Bayati said clear messages to and received from the positive Kurds to participate in future meetings will be resolving their position during their meeting today in the region, pointing to discuss the security situation where will be hosted innocents leaders and ministers concerned in the Council at the earliest opportunity, as it was agreed on the need for the continuation of the committees in their work and private security and finance.
for his part, MP Haneen Qaddo pointed to the possibility of holding parliament session to him tomorrow amid assurances from the Kurdish side to attend the hearings.
he explained Qaddo, in an interview for ╗morning╗ ╗, many of the matters discussed during the heads of blocs meeting yesterday with the presidency , including the possibility to get out of the financial crisis, as well as come up with many of the proposals, noting that he has to call a session of parliament in the near future is likely to be on Tuesday, as well as an invitation to committees, defense and financial security to the meeting on an ongoing basis , along with other committees in order to discuss the legislation.
he said Qaddo it formed a committee for dialogue with the authorities objecting to the subject of the hearing to get to a certain settlement as well as the call for the extension of Chapter Altcheriei.ocd Qaddo having positive attitudes by the Kurdish side to attend the next hearing, between the protesters deputies are still waiting for Ray Federal Court the legitimacy of the hearings. in
turn, MP Amer al - Khuzai pointed to a consensus of those present for the meeting yesterday on the need for the Council to hold a hearing as soon as possible and continue to process political and restored from the inside.
he said Khuzai, in an interview for ╗morning╗, said the meeting was attended by all the heads of blocs with the exception of the Kurds and financial security committees to discuss security matters was consensus on the need for the Council as soon as possible and dialogue with all parties, indicating that there is an extension of the work of parliament after he is holding the hearing.
from her part , the political body of the alliance of Iraqi forces belief in the need to reform the actual cross predetermined methodology clear goals to address imbalances , whether chronic ones or emergency as reflected in the fact the security, humanitarian and of life for the Iraqi people as it has reached a whole set of resolutions during its meeting yesterday included work on creating the conditions to the Iraqi Council of Representatives held a joint session of the current under his chairmanship and paired participation in joint session to come that preceded the Iraqi government a number of measures , including raising the government 's hand on the amounts owed to the displaced allocated in the annual budget law, and clarify the fate of more than two thousand and two hundred citizen and a number close to that in Samarra has been kidnapped by the Hezbollah Brigades in the areas of Razzazah and rock cliff, that the Prime Minister shows how these formations Authority popular crowd or not as the commander of the armed forces, as stipulated that the prime minister issued an obligation to return the displaced families orders to the liberated cities of al źDaash╗ terrorist in Diyala, Salahuddin and belt Baghdad and northern Babil to dispel what has become the rule of certainty that there is a demographic change the policy of the government or condoned and is based on sectarian lines and style of systematically biased, pointing out that the coalition hopeful that the Prime Minister responds to the legitimate demands as an expression of his belief in the expeditious reform, stressing that the coalition will examine with his ministers and government representatives in the next two days the next cabinet session boycott option if it does not find a concrete response to the demands.