Photographer report reveals the sheer scale of the destruction and suffering in Ramadi, returning to the city

Follow-Iraq Press -15 May
/ May: The city of Ramadi , capital of Anbar province and strategic place for travelers to the west to Syria and Jordan, one of the largest cities in Iraq, crowded along the banks of the Euphrates River, and filled with the population , which number approximately 850 thousand people, but it has now become a ghost town destroyed by falling under the control of Daash, almost a year ago, according to the channel "ABC News." In a report to the President of the correspondents of Foreign Affairs of the channel Martha Raddatz, around the city of Ramadi, after he left the organization Daash, and left it in ruins, reveal "ABC News" size the damage inflicted on the city, citing the images before and after Daash control show how swept away buildings, collapsed bridges, crippled infrastructure movement. 8 "When the gray fell at the hands of an armed 500 Daash, defeat was humiliating for the thousands of Iraqi troops who have left the city quitting the force. shows Video of the last retreating forces then they Atasaron to climb on board the helicopter to escape, spectacle beginning to report the channel that if the city tragic narrative. " " questioned US Secretary of defense Ash Carter in the desire of the Iraqi forces in the fight, because they withdrew from the city in spite of "their numbers exceeded by a large margin the numbers of the corresponding forces. " " Nevertheless , and after eight months later, he managed to Iraqi security forces backed by air strikes from coalition led by America, to regain control of Ramadi. While the battle was long and I need to use more than 600 aerial bombs to rid the roads of Daash fighters. " 2 " At the end of the month of December, Iraqi officials said they have regained complete control of the main areas of gray, and that Iraqi soldiers had to raise the Iraqi flag which proudly. " in addition, it is estimated that only 15 thousand families, who fled have returned to their homes in Ramadi today. Despite the fact that most of the city looked deserted, but the channel was able to talk with the two families recently returned. 3 That there are no schools for their children and inform the population and it is difficult to get food. One of the parents said , "We want to be the rebuilding of the region. Fmnazlna destroyed our cars and disappeared. "While most of the residents ' complaints were similar," left Daash city streets filled with improvised explosive devices. " Is found in the city of Ramadi , a number of bombs and mines "up to more than anywhere else on earth , " in the words of the report. And visited the "ABC" gray with tight security from the local Iraqi security forces and private contractors. She met the grid with US company ; Janus Global Operations , which is now working on the creation of thousands of improvised explosive devices hidden. And contracted the US State Department Office of Weapons Removal and deactivated with a company that said that to make sure purge the city of explosives will take years or even decades. The 6 company holds 40 people working within teams for demining of the city, and hopes to bring in dozens of others. He says contractors that usually when they work to remove mines from the area, heading them city residents who need help in removing explosives from their own property. While the company trained Iraqi citizens to do mine fragmentation alone, the traps mines on the ground barely see eye because of the dust and dirt. In addition to the Daash mined most of the city of Ramadi, they also destroyed the bridges and roads as they pulled them, as they have of damaging dam gray to cut supplies water from distant cities. The company offered to the public use of satellite maps for marking roads, bridges and buildings destroyed sites, as well as to report the whereabouts of the drill because of the bombs. 7 In the same context, a former student at the University of Anbar, said the channel "ABC , " The 80% of the university were destroyed after being seized by the Daash and used a key - based militants. Adding , "We are striving for reconstruction with the help of the central government and the United Nations and the international coalition." The legacy of Daash painful for the people of Ramadi in April, found a mass grave inside the soccer stadium in Ramadi, and it contains the bodies of dozens of men, women and children. The bodies of some of the people who chose not to leave after they captured Daash the city in May last year. 77 The United Nations estimates that nearly 55 thousand people have left the gray. The photos show the families left on foot toward Baghdad , about 80 miles east of the city. With many of the refugees vow not to return to the gray only after becoming secure and more stable. They know that although the city liberated from the grip of Daash, but of life will not return one day be restored. Separately, the city form the past difficult for the US Army , which has suffered in the city after the invasion of the country in 2003, In 2004, after a year of isolation of the late President Saddam Hussein from power, troops from the US Marines from the 2nd battalion the band published 4 to gray in the task of "security and stability." since the first day of the battalion had been fighting a bloody battle, only to lose 12 officers from the marine Corps. After six months of confrontations with the rebels 0.34 naval officer was killed and 269 others injured. According to Gen. Lawrence Nicholson, did not suffer any Marine battalion in Iraq war injuries such as specific battalion in Ramadi. In 2006, the murderer of Marines and soldiers and US Navy forces side by Iraqi security forces; to secure key sites from rebel control, killing 70 US soldiers then at least within months, depending on the location , "Military Times" a specialist