Iraq is close to achieving development goals

5/16/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi

Set a time limit for the implementation and measurement of goals by the end of 2015, responsible for sustainable development in Iraq, the Ministry of Planning and file, Mr. Mohammed Mohsen said that his agenda for sustainable development.

Mr. Ban Iraq, said even though he has the pace of a fixed step in their investigation and monitoring of financial allocations and approached the target in some of the goals in 2012 , but the terrorism and the financial crisis has reduced those achievements.

He said the goals of sustainable development is the 17 prime target and 169 are very or target secondary , along with many of the indicators.

He said the most important goals is to end poverty in all its forms, and the eradication of hunger and to achieve security and improve nutrition, and ensure a healthy life and to promote the welfare of all ages, and ensure a decent education and educational opportunities, and to ensure access to affordable energy, and promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth , full and productive employment, infrastructure construction and promote the comprehensive and sustainable industrialization and encourage innovation, and to ensure the sustainable consumption and production, and to take urgent action to combat climate change, protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and forest management, and strengthening the means of implementation and activation global partnership for sustainable development.

He added: in 2012 , held under the auspices of the United Nations Rio + 20 Conference, in which efforts were made ​​to adopt the goals of sustainable development more comprehensive and more ambitious and coherent three social, economic and environmental dimensions.

has called paragraph 248 of the final document the conference entitled the future to which we aspire, to set up an open - ended group which represents all the partners consists of 30 representatives nominated by the member states of the regional groups for the goals of sustainable development status to be agreed upon in the General Assembly, held this team during the three years many of the meetings emerged from the development agenda sustainable post - 2015 , or what has become known as being 2030 to fifteen years to