Expert not rule out an economic collapse during the current period

Date: 15/05/2016 19:55 | Visits: 191

Ruled out as the economist Antoine, Sunday, a collapse of the Iraqi economist in the current period, and among the oil sales under way, according to the scheme, pointed out that the bond offering delicate process and should be monitored.

Said Antoine told / information /, "The economic crisis in the country's difficult financial situation going in through the barbed wire and curvy but she did not amount to a threat to the country's economy to collapse," he said, adding that "the oil sales are ongoing and are continuing with some treatments, and that means insurance requirements Basic state. "

"The bonds raised by one of the government measures, trying to reduce the fiscal deficit and compensate contractors but it is a delicate process and should be monitored and supported and to prevent exploit."

The Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Faleh force has pointed out that the financial situation of Iraq is very critical, revealing that what is left in the state treasury is a billion dollars only, while the budget approved for this year, amounting to 105 trillion dinars, which means that the threatened collapse of the Iraqi economy. It ended 25 K.