Launch the stalled projects

Author: Yasser incumbent

5/15/2016 0:0

Most of the projects stopped in the country not because of the financial crisis only , even though it halted all work perfectly, but there are projects completed up to 60-70 percent ratios stood at a standstill for reasons of entitlements companies and this of course , before the financial crisis and the other due to Nkol Contractors and leave them to work .aada projects lagging originally ago beginning due to lack of experience.

In an exclusive interview with the head of the Iraqi National Business Council , I would have asked him about how to address this problem at a time when the state did not have the capacity to pay dues private contractors and local businesses? , Mechanism and found the way out Memknna even temporarily resolve problematic stalled projects proposed to the effect his proposal that they can be the signing of contracts between the beneficiary ministries with the executing companies allow companies using ministries and some of the mechanisms of its members in exchange for fees deducted from receivables.

And see this specialist that this mechanism will contribute to moving the wheel construction and completion of stalled projects and the movement of construction of these will contribute to the revitalization of the labor market.

This proposal required the study of economic feasibility, which will contribute to the operation of the many broken machinery of government for a price will also provide workers in the ministry concerned salaries plus additional wage work especially for those companies that operate within the self - financing law.

And if this method is useful , it will encourage workers to speed up the approval the privatization of their companies stalled and stalled, as well as the depreciation caused by the lack of operating mechanisms and rigs that are eroding dusty and rain without perpetuating.

this move will contribute to strengthening and revitalizing the culture of the labor market they are much of the mechanisms and staff remain without work best in addition to its contribution to the payment of corporate and _khasmhamn dues and thus temper from the shoulders of state debt to calculate companies and contractors in addition to initiating the release of the stalled projects.

can we achieve a true partnership between the public and private sectors through state investment mechanisms expertise of the private sector familiar and well - known and could fall this proposal within a single economic and administrative real reform requirements.