Development needs to court for the investment of wealth plans

5/15/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb

is economic development , the goal of all workers in the public and private sectors, building economic capacity owned by the country in all sectors , without exception , which, confirming the ability to create an effective economy on the regional and international arenas, particularly that Iraq described the community young and this is important hub the process of economic recovery.

economist Jaafar Yassin said that the work on the economic development needs to address the legislative and executive determinants and work on setting priorities among the sectors down to the goal. young society said in an interview with «morning» that economic development requires hard work at all sectors that possess the ingredients advancement, pointing to the importance that is consistent with the rehabilitation of young people in various disciplines to be supportive of the development process, especially as the Iraqi society is the society the young man.

Yassin stressed the need to provide a suitable environment to suit the international effort specialist able to work in Iraq, noting the feminine and modify the organization of the work of the investment in Iraq 's laws is an absolute necessity, noting that sophisticated and influential global companies in the international economies are working on the study of the work environment in all its aspects and then comes the weight of the work and investment when appropriate conditions are satisfied, adding that the international effort sophisticated understands the importance of Iraq on the apron of the international economy and what is available in which the volume of work is enormous.

financial market and stressed the need to be searched for sustainable economic development through the employment of natural resources in this area through the Court plans, stressing that the attractive investment environment for international effort sophisticated you need to create the perfect financial market during vulnerable laws and adopting advanced technologies make them deal with the market the same mechanisms adopted internationally, pointing to the importance of new legislation regulating the banking business and make it able to handle large figures as it gets all over the world. legislative environment either economic member of the Baghdad forum Hadi Hndas has stressed the importance of creating legislative environment for the advancement of the Iraqi economy Bmvsalih production and service, noting that the advancement of the legislative side and in line with evolving international effort needs to specialized committees working on committees synonymous cancel straighten and edit large package of laws and at all levels requirements.

He said most of the laws are not commensurate and directions of building economy integrated, urging the need for the trend towards new laws governing the management of the joints of the economy , the direction that achieves the economic viability of the country.

Hndas said that the investment represents the center of the starting point for the process of economic development in the country, and to overcome the limitations the fulfillment of his is one of the most important next phase requirements, stressing the need for investment true under the current circumstances experienced by the country , which needs to have a development program investment tight and precise all standards to achieve significant economic feasibility of the country. social security and stressed the importance of legislation , social security law integrated beneficiaries of international experiences in this field as well as the retirement of the law for all Iraqis guaranteed pension rights, as necessary to create the financial sector a high degree of sophistication and is characterized by high transparency, stressing the harm to coincide with the adoption of the deposit Insurance Act to employ monetary mass chunky to serve the national economy and achieve sustainable development.