The World Bank is studying the coverage areas recently liberated ages
Tarikh التحریر:: 2016/5/14
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{Baghdad: Euphrates news} examines World Bank reconstruction fund terrorist affected areas expanding its activities to include areas recently liberated ages.
According to the International Fund notification statement {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "President Abdel Basset Turki Saeed met in Beirut the World Bank regional director Fred belhadj, discuss the status of implementation of the World Bank loan and details of the projects and the possibility of expanding the amount of loan activity to areas recently edited, as well as the agreement on continued cooperation to meet the needs of these regions.

The Fund said "serious WB to assist Iraq and real participation in the reconstruction of areas devastated by the terrorist Islamic State", stating that "a team of reconstruction fund teams up with ministries concerned with loan projects and entire World Bank Group met for three days and discussed in detail the timing of implementation of these projects within the map of reconstruction of areas affected by terrorist attacks".