Kurdistan Democratic lawmakers first returning to Baghdad to participate in the next parliamentary session

Erbil-Iraq Press Yaar -14 / May
: instructed the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, the deputies Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani, to return to the capital Baghdad and the House of Representatives to attend the next session.

The deputy for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Chuan Daoudi in a press statement on Saturday, that "regional president instructed the government to the House of Representatives and the Kurds, especially the Kurdistan Democratic Party MPs to return to Baghdad and conduct their business there."

Daoudi added that "the next meeting will attend the House of Representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the largest bloc in the Kurdistan Alliance, to engage their deputies in the federal parliament."

He pointed out that "Barzani stressed that the region is part of Iraq and will not bend from the political conduct business in Baghdad," he said. On the

And stopped the work and meetings of the Iraqi parliament, on 30 April, after the storming of the demonstrators to the Green Zone and the parliament building, where lawmakers subjected to beatings, harassment, assault, and decided on the impact of political blocs, including the Kurdish province of sessions.

He visited Parliament Speaker Salim al-last week of the Kurdistan region and discussed with the Kurdish blocs province reverse its decision and return to attend.

And called on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, parliamentary blocs, parliamentary committees for an urgent meeting, on Sunday, to discuss the security implications of recent bombings in Baghdad, as well as discuss the request of the International Monetary Fund to reduce the budget for fiscal 2016 in order to give Iraq a loan to H.anthy http://www.iraqpressagency.com/?p=199622&lang=ar