Abadi surprised by the state of mutual accusations between some politicians with recent bombings

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad expressed Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, Saturday, expressed surprise at the case of mutual accusations between some politicians with the recent bombings in Baghdad and accepted Balsmoh and Diyala, as called for dialogue between the political blocs to find solutions to the state of the country. Ebadi said through Forum co - dialogue , which was held under the slogan "youth hope of Iraq" and included a large number of young people from all the provinces after many conversational sessions held paved the way for the selection of a group representing these hearings, that "the political blocs to resort to dialogue to find solutions to the state of the country , " surprising of the "state of mutual accusations between some politicians with terrorist bombings in a number of areas of Baghdad and earlier in Samawa and Diyala." He said al - Abadi, said that "our heroine fights and fighting terrorist gangs do not believe in any language for dialogue because they do not have the idea to convince others so they turn to violence and murder those who disagree , "he said , adding that" there is a security challenge of gangs and terrorist that danger still exists Although we approach the release of Mosul and prepare to liberate Fallujah but those whenever Snqterp victory Christolua revenge bombings. " He said al - Abadi, said the " differences and political conflict in Diyala led to repercussions terrorism in Baghdad , "pointing out that" disagreements and political conflicts and disrupt the work of the parliament and methods of miscarriage contributed are other escalation of terrorist operations. " It is said that to Fri Najaf , Sadr al- Din Qabbanji, warned on Friday of" exploiting " the bombings in Baghdad and several provinces to challenge and overthrow the other, saying that the bombings that hit the capital Baghdad and a number of provinces as the "repercussions of the political crisis."

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