Iraqi Cement achieved sales of $ 16 billion dinars in April

Author: AB, HH, MJM
Editor: AB, HH
14/05/2016 17:36
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
General Company for Cement affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced on Saturday, achieving sales of $ 16 billion dinars during the month of April, and stressed achieve a "boom" in sales ratios reached 250 percent, and promised that the government's decision to "missed opportunities" on the manipulators and violators of the ban import cement.

He said the general director of the company for cement civil Nasser said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The integration of the three cement companies (Iraqi cement, South cement, Northern cement), and prevent the import of cement, resulted in the achievement of a boom in sales ratios have reached 250%, during the month of March last December compared to last month, "noting that" the value of the company's sales during the month of April stood at 16 billion dinars. "

He said the civil, that "the government's decision No. (409) for the year 2015 to prevent the import of cement was completed, resolution 119 of 2016, which missed opportunities on the manipulators and in conflict with the decision, where the text to prevent the entry of donations and gifts from the cement material types only after obtaining written approval from the President Minister exclusively, after laboratory tests in quality control with emphasis on the national Authority for investment and investment authorities in all provinces to stop granting approvals to enter the cement material of all kinds and his charges. "

The Cabinet face, in the (26 April 2016), the national bodies to invest in the provinces to stop granting special introduction of cement material imported into the country approvals.

The Iraqi Ministry of Industry, announced earlier this year in 2016, merging its cement companies under the name "State Company for Iraqi Cement" and showed that the production of the Iraqi cement amounted to 19 million tons in 2015, called for the protection of the domestic product and the control of the border crossings.