Jubouri: the stability of Iraq is linked to the return of life to its institutions, particularly the parliament

05/14/2016 - 16:02

Baghdad A- ASHA

He warned Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri that the steps the stability of Iraq is mainly linked to the return of life to its institutions, particularly the legislative institution for the advancement of their role and complete its march towards comprehensive reform.

This came during a meeting Saturday Jabburi Iranian Security Minister Mahmoud Alavi and his accompanying delegation and discussed the latest developments in Iraq and the region.

Jabburi also stressed the importance of Iraq's role in regional security and stability of the system, noting the efforts of promoting the role of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to achieve comprehensive reform.

He called on the President of the House of Representatives for greater coordination and cooperation for the security and stability of Iraq and the region, adding that there was vigorous efforts to achieve this in cooperation with other parties.

Thousands of protesters stormed into the Green Zone, the seat of parliament on / Saturday, April 30 /, and the latest demonstrators, mostly from Sadr's movement damage at the headquarters of the House of Representatives and physically and verbally attacked the deputy speaker of parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed and MP Ala Talabani and MP Ammar Tohme and a number of Council staff, after the parliament failed to session to complete the pass "government of technocrats" headed by Haidar al-Abbadi was held because of the insistence of political blocs on the "quotas" and the party's refusal to change its ministers in the government .. causing disrupt the work of parliament and leave the Kurdish deputies to Sulaymaniyah and Erbil.