5 brigades Iranian Completes Preparations for the incursion into Iraqi territory

TEHRAN Iraq Press -13 May
/ May: Iran's ground forces commander, said Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Bordstan, Iran has created five brigades to enter the Iraqi territory.

Bordstan explained, "The Iranian forces created the five brigades of ground troops on the ground, and completed the reconnaissance operations at the other side of the Iraqi border, and are ready to engage seriously."

The Bordstan, that "the Iranian helicopters began to fly over Iraqi areas, while elements of the Iranian intelligence continues to monitor all areas of Iraq, through identified through mapping and recording tracks, to systems to identify the places, to be bombarded with heavy weaponry, if required."

Brigadier Bordstan in a statement to the newspaper "row" of the Iranian army, and published by the Fars news agency, said that "Iranian forces in case I felt that terrorism is intended to cross the forty kilometers line inside Iraq, they see that the right to access to the arena and address inside Iraqi territory." .

And extends the Iraqi-Iranian border to about 1458 kilometers, and interspersed waterways and nature reserves.

Security experts are likely Iranian incursion across the border Diyala province , scene of political tension and violence, bombings, amid warnings leg , local officials, over the past few months, which they described as "attempts to demographic change http://www.iraqpressagency.com/?p=199473&lang=ar