Cooperation with international institutions to achieve stability

5/14/2016 0:00

Through the recruitment of human resources
BAGHDAD Mustafa Hashimi
economic academic said Dr. Essam Mohamed that an economic profile in Iraq 's problems is the lack of the presence of economists executives own independent decision in all economic fields as well as the strategic vision that exist and establish general stability.

He said Mohammed in an interview «morning» that all countries have the experts are leading the economy group and are responsible for planning and formulation of policies that avoid the country any economic shock could hit the economy and cause confusion in public life.

He believed that the presence of such experts in the Council or the Commission or any independent actor in Iraq It would create stability in the economy , which is mainly the overall stability of the country and vice versa, indicating that stability is what Iraq needs at this stage to put the right foundations
for development.

he stressed the importance of stability and its role in achieving prosperity, growth and development, as it is very difficult to carry out any development projects far from the corruption in the light of the fragile stability of the fact that the head of a coward money always looking for a stable and secure country for the implementation of various projects in it.

he said Muhammad: that the presence of stability leads to prosperity as price stability , for example, is an important factor in shaping the future of economic society, noting that could family develop plans according to their financial resources means clearly crucial to the coordinated vision for its members.

he pointed out that Iraq possesses natural and human resources of wastage ratio with large degrees, explaining that he had been employed those resources properly and tapped well , it would have contributed a lot to the overall stability of the country.

he explained the need the existence of cooperation and coordination at the request of the universal support of the big economic institutions like the world Bank , which has various programs of development of the development process in 120 countries in the world, including affected by the lack of stability that make them suffer fragility in its economic, political and social.

He noted that the benefit of the Bank 's expertise international in this area enhances the ability of Iraqi economists to meet the challenges to develop plans and policies studied that will bring stability to the country so as to achieve development.

among Mohamed need to work on activating the goals of sustainable development adopted by the leaders of the countries, which recognized the 17 goals of economic and social development goals, rules in human development into account, pointing out that Iraq now needs to apply several main objectives of development represented by ( the eradication of poverty, universal primary education, and empowerment of eliminating gender disparity in primary and secondary education, reducing child mortality, improving mental health, combat diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability), stressing the role of education in the upbringing of conscious generation has the ability to assume social responsibility factors in establishing