Appeals pursuing the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives..Abadi and turn to agents to complete the quorum of his government

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13/05/2016 22:27
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
He hopes three ministers were sacked in the parliament session controversial, late last April, to return to their posts once again, taking advantage of what happened on that day. Team so-called "reform front" also seeks to cancel the meeting, which was held behind closed doors.

And it decided to more than 180 deputies, in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on 26 April, to close the "Constitutional Hall" from the inside and vote on the "government of technocrats" that did not receive the confidence of parliament, of which only five candidates only.

And it did not allow TV cameras to reach the alternative hall which moved them Voters, on the new government. Deputies said they were in response to the threat of a political party if it did not agree to the "Minister" proposals.

Conversely Abadi managed to bypass the cabinet crisis, which could not be held because of the repercussions of what happened after the hearing April 26, and the storming of supporters of the Sadrist movement of the parliament building.

How complete the quorum of the government?

And enable the prime minister, last Tuesday, to complete the quorum with 9 ministers only, after granting himself and other two ministers bags by proxy, to be number 12 ministers, out of 22.

But Mohammed al-Karbouli, the head of the parliamentary solution, describes what happened at the last Cabinet meeting as "illegal". He told the (range), "al-Abadi was the first complete quorum then give the agencies minister absentees and not vice versa."

Saad al-Sabri, a spokesman for the Information Office of the Government, "The council held its full quorum." He pointed newborn, in remarks to a number of media after Tuesday's session, that "the new ministers did not attend the meeting in addition to the ministers, who sacked the parliament."

Says MP Mohammad al-Karbouli that "the rules of procedure gives the right to appoint the prime minister and ministers by proxy, if unable to attend inherent to the travel or other legal pretext."

At that meeting, Ebadi received the oil ministry and agency, due to the resignation of the minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, was also awarded trade, which was the share of Allawi's coalition, the Planning Minister Salman Jumaili proxy.

And instructed the Minister of Youth and Sports Abdul Hussain Abtan, only minister of the coalition-Hakim, who attended the cabinet meeting, to take over the Department of Transportation agency, replacing his colleague minister resigned Bayan.

Disher begin their duties

After two days, from Tuesday's session, the leaked document issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, addressed to all ministries, requires the presence of the deputy minister or deputy minister in the event of his absence from the Cabinet meetings.

He attributed the guidance to attend on behalf of the minister that he came "to provide subject included in the agenda of the meeting which concerns the ministry."

And it blew Allawi's coalition bloc, on Thursday, another surprise when he revealed the continuation of some of the "sacked minister," at a meeting April 26, their full powers.

The bloc Prime Kadhim al-Shammari, in a press statement seen by (range), "but some of them got to the issuance and raises for the purposes of Trgbeh transfer orders or retaliatory, Dharban Constitution and the law the wall."

Shammari also pointed to the occurrence of what he saw as "a funny and sad paradoxes," is the electricity minister, Qassim al-Fahdawi ordering the appointment of the Minister of the voter by the Ministry of Electricity Ala'a Disher agent minister.

The al-Shammari, who belongs to what is called the mass of the reform front, the vote on Disher is illegal, expressing his belief that his appointment as an agent of electricity, is a step "to induce him to Camp Fahdawi."

But Fahdawi Office, responded to al-Shammari, in a statement issued on Thursday, said he "did not cost Ala Disher appoint an agent for the Ministry of Electricity."

He described al-Fahdawi Office last assigned as "not a disregard or violation of the Constitution and the law, but in order to exercise its powers under official for the purpose of facilitating the transfer of authority procedures and the lack of any disruption to the ministry in these circumstances and we are embarking on a summer."

Ministers want to return

Conversely caused chaos and uncertainty that accompanied the voting session on the five ministers, late last April, to provide health minister Adila Hammoud, Minister of Labor Mohammad Sudan, as well as third secretary, could not know his name, appeals to the courts the illegality of their dismissal.

It confirms Karbouli who revealed (range) names of ministers objectors, that "it may be the third minister Qasim al-Fahdawi, Minister of Electricity, or Hussain al-Shahristani, Minister of Higher Education."

Parliament voted, in the presentation of a technocrat government session, a vote of confidence in favor of the five candidates "closed envelope", and they and the ministers of health, education, work, and water resources, and electricity. The parliament failed to replace the ministers: foreign, justice, education, youth and sports, and culture.

In the meantime, a team of protesters waiting on the April 26 hearing, or what is now called the "reform front", the Federal Court decision in the appeal filed on the parliamentary sessions after the dismissal of his body on 14 April.

And the opposition team, MP Taha defense says (range), "we consider that the vote on the Cabinet meeting is illegal, because it has led al-Jubouri, who Oqlnah previously."

And refuses to "reform front," Adnan al-Janabi, which opted for a temporary replacement for al-Jubouri, the latter ending their procedures and opens a new session.

As defensive owns and colleagues, video recording, proving that some of Representatives, in a hearing April 26, close the door and prevent the rest of the members of parliament and estimated at 100 to attend the hearing, which he considers contrary to another deputy.

Defensive adds by saying, "We all former MP Wael Abdul Latif ordered to follow the appeal, we will agree to the court's decision whether it is in our favor or against us."