Kirkuk opens registration in the largest residential investment project in the province


Kirkuk / Marwan Ibrahim

Announced the investment in the province of Kirkuk, is open in the biggest residential investment project in the province, and while the company carried out the transfer of the Dubai experience pledged to maintain, the local government confirmed that the investor "is a successful partner position to face the repercussions of the economic crisis."

This came during the opening of the marketing center for the project ceremony (the cities), which is implemented by a group of companies (International Handal) in Kirkuk, with the participation of official figures, attended by (long-Presse).

The head of the Investment Commission of Kirkuk Falah al-Bazaz, in a speech during the opening ceremony, said that "the project carries a new style by relying on global designs and leading companies," stressing that "the first investment project carried leave number one on the land with an area of ​​300 acres near Kirkuk University , south of the city. "

He Bazzaz, that "the project comes amid an economic crisis taking place in Iraq and the war against gangs (Daash terrorist)", returned to him, "a defiant message confirms that Kirkuk is a safe and attractive for investment."

For his part, Vice President Group of Companies (International Handal), Hardan Handal, in a speech during the opening of the center, said that "the project is a monument urban and culturally significant in Kirkuk convey Dubai's leading experience to maintain it comprises institutions, shops, Mola and two mosques, one of them sought for 300 serum and another 800 schools and a health center and a police station and four gates of the compound and the streets of sub-prime and infrastructure and an integrated system of Villas of Jasmine and Gardenia and DisplayLink and daffodils and Kadi and lotus and Viola. "

Handal said that "the project will be in five phases completed within five to six years, as it takes each and every one of them between 20 to 22 months," pointing out that "the first phase includes the implementation of the university district, which includes 380 houses spaces ranging from 200 to 250 and 300 m 2 as well as the attachment service, schools, health center and others. "

Handal stressed that "house prices in the compound will vary according to the area starting from $ 87 thousand and 99 thousand and 120 thousand dollars," noting that "the company has coordinated with Ashur Bank to support the preservation staff by reducing the initial amount of the premium of seven thousand dollars to two million dinars, a premium a monthly rate of $ 500 over six and a half years, in order to ensure ease of access to housing. "

The Prime Handal Group is confident about the "success of the project thanks to the expertise of the group for twenty years and support departments and the administration of Kirkuk and body invested and the citizens of the province."

In turn, the governor of Kirkuk agency Rakan Saeed said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The project is important and vital and will provide job opportunities for the people of Kirkuk," explaining that "is located south of Kirkuk, and the land is open near Kirkuk University building and modern buildings of the Chambers Official preserve a building of local administration, the Council and the entrances South of Kirkuk. "

Said stressed that "the successful investor is a partner and an important factor to counter the economic crisis and its repercussions on the country," and expressed hope that "the company is seriously committed to the standards and the schedule for completion and fulfillment processing role."