Abadi directs absentee minister in the presence of their representatives and parliamentary demands to stop "this farce."

Thursday 12-05-2016 | 7:52:04

Twilight News / leaked document revealed on Thursday for directing the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi necessity of the presence of the Minister or agent acting on behalf of the Minister of the Cabinet meeting in the absence of the latter attend.

So called MP for the Reform Front, Mohammed Chihod Iraqi President Fuad Masum, to stop what he called a "farce Agents Council, not the minister."

He Chihod in a statement responded to the Twilight News, that this directive that "indicates anything but show floundering Prime Minister and not perceptible worsening of the situation of the political, security and economic terms and adherence to positions despite the fiasco in the state administration and the introduction of the country into a dark tunnel as".

He held Chihod "The speaker who stands general reforms and his commitment to the job to disrupt Parliament and the disruption of other steps in the reforms of the government to change and form a government capable of running the country, especially in this difficult phase."

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