Daash locked in a battle of Mosul over the radio

2016-05-12 21:42:23 | (Voice of Iraq) - Halao Mohammed

Does not fall what is going on in the vicinity of Mosul , in the context of the famous saying that talk about the calm before the storm , because everyone knows that there is a storm coming toward the city, but there banging and vocal major media before blowing it .

If the power Daash in the past come from social networks now have to take the fight to the local level as conveying his message and his program through a radio broadcast up to all regions around Mosul and at low cost and without the receiver to the Internet or needs other things.

Daash organization has begun since September of last year , private radio broadcast from inside Mosul to surrounding areas under the name "Radio faith" broadcasts a daily message organization in the Arabic language to the inhabitants of Nineveh areas that came under his control.

Broadcasting to Daash continue daily for twenty - four hours have been allocated part of it to recite the Koran in regard to another part of it to give the mundane and the divine advice , but the biggest duration of it dedicated to talk about "jihad" and urged the people to fight against the army and the Peshmerga addition to talking constantly about "Victories "militants Daash and minimize the importance of the army and the Peshmerga attacks.

Reporter "Talk" heard in the district of drunken (50 kilometers) southeast of Mosul to the radio Daash through a normal radio They illustrate "the duties of jihad" of the people and sometimes talking at other times about the necessity adjust the balance by the vendors through the sale of goods in the market and not taking the extra funds from People.

Because of the fear of the security forces in the area around Mosul that left an impact radio has been used information tools to Daash opened itself , where the leadership of Nineveh edit radio operations in the district of drunken since the beginning of this year.

Said Col. Firas al - Jubouri , director of Radio Command edit Nineveh operations for "debate" we "we broadcast our programs every day from eight o'clock in the morning until ten o'clock in the evening in Arabic and Kurdish and focused all of our programs on the presentation of information and the progress of the army and the Peshmerga towards Mosul city center so as not to break down the morale areas controlled by Daash population. "

Col. Firas pointed out that the intelligence information obtained from inside Mosul , indicating that large numbers of people listen to the radio, but secretly fearing the wrath of Daash.

The Daash is the victor in this radio war so far where the broadcast aired up easily to a drunken and Coeur and Sheikhan and approaching the limits of Dobbs's Kirkuk and able citizens to listen to him without formats, the broadcast of the Iraqi army radio is not up to Mosul clearly has the organization has succeeded in jamming it.

Makhmour residents and indicates that they are listening to the daily "Faith Radio" and "leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh radio" But Daash was unable to make an impact on the direction of the people through the broadcast - by Colhm-.

Nevzat Mansour (32 years old), one of the drunken residents and works as a taxi driver said to "talk": I "heard every day for a few minutes to" Radio faith "that speak most of the time for jihad is the Peshmerga army infidels but people do not believe it ."

He said Nevzat who was looking for his car radio in Alamaotain subsidiaries of the army and organize Daash: "The radio broadcast of faith better than broadcast on Army Radio , but we heard that the army is set to improve broadcast aired during the looming attack on Mosul."

Reporter "Talk" learned from a source in the leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh that the technical experts in the army tried more than once to block broadcast radio Daash but did not succeed in that Daash where he was able to change and improve the wave broadcasts.

He said Maj . Gen. Najim al - Jubouri , commander of Nineveh operations command editor for "talk": "What we are doing is the beginning of the media war , but we will be another step and media will be reflected positively on the process of liberalization of Mosul , " but he did not refer to these steps for security reasons.

He said that Maj . Gen. star "who had fled from areas under the control of Daash said during interrogation that it is possible to listen to the radio edit of Nineveh operations command This was a good step to reach our voice directly to the control Daash areas."

And follow the leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh operations Iraqi army consists of fifteen army band that itself is composed of brigades (71, 72.73, 74) in addition to the banner of the defense (91) in the army has been preparing for the Liberation of Mosul.

Media people and experts believe that if they are prevented Daash will be able to expand the broadcast over the radio to listen to him the largest number of residents of the area around Mosul and will affect them.

Ismail said Shahbandar doctoral student in media at Baghdad University and a resident of a drunk for "debate" that " the Iraqi government could technically prevent the broadcasting of Daash but has not yet done so while Daash working to corrupt the psychology of the people through the media."

Shahbandar, adding that " the broadcast on Army Radio in a drunken weaker than broadcast radio faith so it must work to strengthen the army radio and the balance because the media is the second weapon in the battle to liberate Mosul."