Industry signed a contract with the military defense for processing inputs

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The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, has signed a contract with the Department of Defense for military processing inputs, while the Ministry of Defense confirmed the cancellation of contracts is executed with international companies and convert the amounts for decades the industry.

The director of the Leather Industries Inc. Ahmed Al Kaabi, during a joint conference with the director general of contracts and sales in the Defense Ministry Miqdad Mohammed Saeed "The Ministry of Industry, today signed a contract with the Defense Ministry on the recent processing 300 thousand military suit and 300 thousand military boots (Bstal)."
Kaabi added that "the company will supply the Ministry of Defence this quantity during the ten months of the signing of the contract period."

For his part, Director General of contracts and sales in the Defense Ministry Miqdad Mohammed Saeed during the conference that "the signing of contracts today with the Ministry of Industry is a good sign for Ttaghizna inputs needed by the security forces," stressing that "the defense is determined to use the product, which serves the ministry."

Said added that "the contracts that have not come into force with Chinese and international companies have been shut off under the guidance of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi under the supervision of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi," pointing to "convert the amounts into the contracts to be concluded with the industry by relying on efficiency and quality."

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals has expressed, Sunday (21 February 2016), is ready to meet the needs of the Ministry of Defense of military equipment, while confirming that the contract between the two ministries reached its final stages, indicated the Ministry of Defence that the local product is preferable to any other product.

It is said that the Ministry of Industry and Minerals confirmed on Tuesday (2 February 2016), all coordinated with the Defense Ministry to form a committee to evaluate the products of war, indicating that access to the necessary support to allow them to secure 70 percent of the equipment and weapons they need and the defense and interior ministries as well as the popular crowd and provide a lot of hard currency for the country, while leading the crowd expressed its willingness to buy the national war products if they set aside a budget for it.

The Minister of Industry and Minerals in (3 December 2015) has been confirmed, the ministry's ability to compete with foreign goods, on condition that the application of the customs tariff and the protection of the national product and the lack of support for the dollar exchange rate laws.
The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, announced, (the 25th of November 2015), approval of the Cabinet-fifth session in its session, which was held in the (November 24, 2015), to activate the decision necessary ministries and government agencies of all, buy public its products.

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