Iran out of the global financial system until further notice

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Witnessing the British capital London today a meeting of officials and bankers to discuss the financial isolation of Iran after nearly four months of the start of implementation of the nuclear deal, who spent the lifting of sanctions on Tehran, but banks and international financial institutions still refuses to have any dealings with Iran or Related companies fear of falling into the trap of financing "terrorism Mali ", or money laundering.
The meeting attended by British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Business Minister Sajid Javed and Lord Lamont Trade Envoy of the Prime Minister to Tehran with a number of heads of major banks such as Standard Chartered and HSBC, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas.

It remains the position of banks unchanged: No deal with Iran or linked to Iran personalities or companies operating in Iran. They fear that, despite the lifting of international sanctions, there remain other sanctions related to Iran's support for terrorism can expect banks under penalty of fines and bans.

The banks were paid in the last two years, fines of about $ 15 billion to deal with other nations or entities subject to sanctions, the largest of which $ 8.9 billion fine on the French BNP Paribas bank for dealing with Iran.

Seeking politicians to persuade banks and financial institutions to "facilitate" its stance on Iran would benefit the work of the major companies and opens the door to opportunities for profit, but the global banking and financial sector maintained its position that Iran stay out of the global financial system until further notice.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry recently said that his government wanted to remove the confusion about sanctions on Iran to Tehran back the global financial system, but a senior banker answered by saying "the words Kerry will not last for months," referring to the US elections, the end of the year, which may come Prime such as Donald Trump, who has pledged to tighten sanctions on Iran.

Not only sanctions, but that international banks are afraid of several other factors first and foremost that Iran is no longer dependent sound financial regulations and procedures after the long years of sanctions and trade is official or legal.

Banks and financial institutions as well as fears that have dealings involvement, indirectly, in terrorist activities or classified as a crime organization.

Despite the modesty expected from the meeting in London Thursday, officials and bankers from Britain, France and Germany meet with US officials in Washington next week on the same subject.

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