The start of the 24th session of the Arab Economic Forum in Beirut, with the participation of Iraqi private banks association

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Launched in Beirut on Thursday the 24th of the session of the Forum for the Arab economy Bhoudaurerias Lebanese Minister Tammam Salam, and the participation of 500 businessmen and investors from 20 countries , including Iraq.

The envoy said the agency / Economy News / that a senior Iraqi delegation taking part in the Forum includes Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ali Mohsen Keywords and head back Aamaralamnatq affected Fund Abdul Basit Turki Saeed, as well as the Association of Iraqi banks represented by its CEO Tariq Ali.

And thrown in the opening of the forum, organized by Wal-Aamal Group in cooperation with the banking and investment Lebanese and international institutions ceremony, the words of the Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam, the governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh, the head of the Union of Arab Chambers of Nael Kabarita, the head of the Federation of Lebanese Chambers Mohammed Shakir, the head of Banks in Lebanon Association Joseph Tarabay, and CEO of Wal - Aamal Group Raouf Abou Zaki.

The words focused on the importance of the current session of the forum at this particular time for the advancement of Arab national economies, and to address the challenges facing the Arab countries arising from the economic recession and lack of Alastaqraralssayas slipped Asaralinvt and the decline of employment opportunities.

He said CFTC / Economy News / that the agenda of the Forum addresses several issues important among the political future of the region amid foreign interventions, and economic prospects in light of wars and international crises, and the challenges of investment opportunities and the future of economic cooperation between Africa and the Arab countries, the banking industry in the face of the recession and the future of the oil and gas industry .

Acharaly that the Arab Economic Forum Tasesh adopted since 1993 as a window to promote the movement of reconstruction and investment, and branched out by the numerous conferences held in most Arab countries

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