Calls for rapid action to rescue the Directorate of Facilities Protection of financial corruption

12-05-2016 01:31 PM

It revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, the existence of cases of extortion within the FPS, while Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Interior Minister Mohammad Al-Ghabban called for the restructuring of the Directorate protect installations and commissioning a new manager to it.

He said the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Alfoada Haider, said that "the prime minister and interior minister and head of the Integrity Commission to move quickly and save Directorate FPS from the scourge of corruption and follow up the transfer process and return its adherents."

"The affiliated blackmailing after being transported to distant regions in amounts exceeding (2000) dollars to be returned after paying the money."

He Alfoada that "this method became overdrawn, but circulating among affiliates," and urged "to monitor this issue and the restructuring of the Directorate, especially those who are on the management of the head that instructs the Director of another year of this directorate has integrity, efficiency and accountable spoiler in front of the judiciary."