Allawi: we will form a front of political forces and trade unions to support reform efforts in Parliament
Thursday , 12 May 2016 13:35

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The president of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, on Thursday, it will form a front of political forces and trade unions to support reform efforts in the parliament, while blamed staleness relationship between the province and the last place.

Allawi said in an interview for a number of media including, Alsumaria News, "We must have a government able to do two things, the first victory over Daash, reconciliation and the return of displaced persons, and the second to change the election law and come up with independent judges to supervise the elections."

Allawi said, "This government should be specific cut the time nor candidacy for the upcoming elections," adding that "the decision is not, however, become the political process as a result of external influences."

Allawi stressed, "the need to be a government which put Iraq on the right path," pointing out that "we're going to form a political front of political forces and trade unions in order to support reform efforts."

He said Allawi, "We understand the two-lane reconciliation, the first out of the sectarian quota system with practical measures, and the second cancel some laws, such as de-Baathification and secret informant."

And on relations between Baghdad and Erbil, carrying Allawi, the responsibility of "estrangement in this relationship is the central government," stressing "the need to pass laws such as oil and gas."

And he issued a national coalition led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, on Thursday, "an explanation" about the National Salvation Government, stressing that with the formation of this government in case the choice of the Iraqi people, while explained that rescue Government this is "an interim government to exceed the age of a year or year and a half maximum of its members do not participate in the elections. "

And witnessing the Iraqi political situation strained evolution after demanding the replacement of the current ministerial cabin another technocrat, high ceiling demands to include the change of the three presidencies, to be then just replace five ministers and the postponement of the parliamentary session, which was dedicated to changing the entire cabin due to lack of quorum, prompting protestors angry to break into green Zone and the parliament building, and sit Square celebrations center of the capital, before the committee supervising announce the sit-ins to withdraw from the region.