IMF: corruption in the public sector cost the global economy $ khsaerbtrilionat

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The IMF said that corruption in the public sector cost the world economy losses 1.5 trillion to 2 trillion dollars a year in bribes, pictures and huge costs the biggest is weakening economic growth and loss of earnings cruises and the persistence of poverty.

In a new research paper that Fund said fighting corruption is important because macroeconomic stability and is one of the main tasks of those almo'sshaldolih.
The Fund says that strategies to combat corruption requires a clear legal framework and transparent and credible prosecutions and strong plans to reduce regulations.
Christine Lagarde said the Fund Manager, in an annex to the paper "while the direct economic cost of corruption is well known, the indirect cost may be larger and more destructive.
"Corruption has also a wider detrimental effect on society. It undermines confidence in the Government and weakens citizens ' moral standards. "

Judging from the search to the World Bank in 2005 estimated paper it is currently paying about two percent of world GDP in image bribes annually.
But she said that the indirect cost of corruption is much higher as it reduces government revenue by encouraging tax evasion and reducing incentives for paying taxes, which in turn leads to reduced funds available for public investment in infrastructure, health care and education.
While some consider that bribes are simply a factor in facilitating trade the IMF says that corruption is often affected States investments and increase the cost of lending.

The paper said the fund research that there is a need to enhance anti-corruption laws and prosecutions. But she also said that reducing regulations may limit opportunities for bribery and allow companies more opportunities to grow without recourse.
Lagarde said "when an official has discretion regarding the approval of an economic activity. There is a possibility of misuse of authority. "