Kurdish official: You must accept the presence of the Peshmerga areas outside the region in exchange for the return of Kurds to Baghdad

Thursday , 12 May 2016 12:57

Alsumaria News / Erbil
Stressed the political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party consultant Arif Rushdi, on Thursday, the need to ensure the application of Article 140 and resign oneself to the presence of the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdish areas outside the administration of the territory in exchange for the return of Kurds to Baghdad, as pointed out that any step contrary to the foundations of true partnership will not remain state-federal any meaning.

Said Rushdie Alsumaria News's, said that "Iraq is going through a very complicated since the problems began to worsen between the Shiite house and there are attempts to keep the Sunni component of the decision as well as the outstanding problems between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region," adding that "foreign agendas have a significant impact on Iraq He began to lose its independence. "

He said Rushdie "on the Kurds that Aigtnawa easily, acceptance oral promises to return to Baghdad," stressing the need to "agree a program to ensure that the Constitutional their terms before they return."

Rushdie stressed the importance of "ensuring the application of Article 140 of the Constitution and resign oneself to the current reality and the presence of the Peshmerga, as well as solving the problem of the budget and salaries of citizens," pointing at the same time "the importance of Baghdad's approval to hold the referendum process."

Rushdie said that "the Kurds is the second component in Iraq in accordance with the Principles of the Constitution," adding that "any step contrary to the foundations of genuine partnership and any sense of the state Federation will not stay."

It is noteworthy that Iraq is witnessing a political crisis following the storming of demonstrators Iraqi parliament building, the end of the month of April and as Iraqi politicians try to find a way out of the political crisis through the resumption of parliament sessions and held Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, during the past few days several meetings with Kurdish political parties in Sulaymaniyah on the return of parliamentarians Kurds to Baghdad and to participate in the parliamentary session.