Presidency of the Council of Representatives calling for a special meeting on Sunday

PM: 12: 04: 12/05/2016 Khandan

Khandan - called on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of Iraq heads of political blocs and heads of relevant committees and two cases of financial security for a special meeting on Sunday.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives in a statement, "What happened yesterday of criminal attacks on our people in Baghdad, pointing to a brutal new approach to the targeting of civilians by al Daash terrorist, who suffered heavy losses on the battlefield and the decline in his abilities on the front in the battle, and all this requires the unity of attitude and a violation of all political differences and conflicts narrow the Iraqi blood is more precious than the narrow benefits and security of Iraq, the most important of all political considerations and self-interest. "

In another context, it said the statement, "The International Monetary Fund has told Iraq the need to edit the budget law to be reduced in order to hopefully disbursement of the loan during the coming period, and because the government treasury is unable to pay and benefits for the people without access to this loan salaries it has become necessary to take legislative and legal procedures necessary for this matter. "

The statement said that "all the above, we see that the Iraqi lives and livelihoods first priorities and tasks and nothing leads them, therefore, calling on the Council presidency heads of political blocs and heads of relevant committees of security and finance two cases a special meeting to discuss these two cases on Sunday morning for the resolution of these files and to agree soon on a date session of the House and discuss the extension of the legislative term, Mkiprin Board members overcome all their differences in front of the national and historical maturity and understanding to resolve these differences settles after the crisis and to maintain the right of the people regarded as above the political benefits. "

And he felt Presidency of the Council of Representatives, said that "the delay in this procedure will be presented to Iraq is a real danger of terrorism and gives an opportunity to invest the political dispute and widen the gap between the parties and the continued targeting our people."