BGG: Sheila had sent up a Prayer for us - get us started off right.

BGG:Woops - hang on...
BGG: Ok - I'll do this the old fashioned way.
BGG :I usually try and include everyone.

BGG: Father God... we thank you for this awesome opportunity to gather with one another and share knowledge. Help us to be seekers of truth, lovers of you and doers of righteousness. Amen.

BGG: Ok - let me start by saying THANK YOU ... to everyone who makes the website that it is.
BGG: Copiers
BGG: (that's not Min of Defense - Moderators...)
BGG: News Hounds (all of them).
BGG: especially Pat (and his gang) who runs the FB side of things...

HUTCH: Thanks for providing us all with such a wonderful site for everyone to gather and the worlds best researchers

BGG: OK - it is not uncommon for there to be misunderstandings along the way... this happens.

BGG: Here's how it plays out.
BGG: Last nite there was some "construance" of News...
BGG: This AM -
BGG: inevitably - someone will come in and ask another of our News Researchers - DIRECTLY ABOUT THE SAME NEWS.
BGG: Seriously??
BGG: we have a thread in the forum for CURRENT IRAQ News.
BGG: check there REGULARLY.

BGG: it's where we house the most current and posted NEWS.
BGG: the Iraq Parliament HAS NOT VOTED on the full, NEW, TECHNOCRAT CABINET...
BGG: there have been ONLY 6 approved and voted on... this is PLAINLY DOCUMENTED in our NEWS THREAD.
BGG: in fact, even these six are being contested by the "sitters" in Parliament and this case is reportedly being heard on Sunday.

BGG: The full Technocrat cabinet that Abadi wants - HAS NOT BEEN VOTED ON. Will it - soon... probably. NOT YET.

BGG: These are the FACTS... I don't care if you had a midnight vision telling the DATE OF THE RV - this is IT.
BGG: Will all these things happen... IMHO - probably... and it's coming. It's NOT DONE!!
BGG: Anyone telling you it is - is **** of ****.
BGG: and that is me talking.

BGG: Hilali: Federal Court will decide the legitimacy of Sunday's vote on the ministerial meeting of cabin Hilali: Federal Court will decide the legitimacy of Sunday's vote on the ministerial meeting of cabin
Last updated: May 11, 2016 - 15:32
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq revealed an MP for the Reform Front parliamentary Ibtisam al- Hilali, Wednesday, that the Federal Supreme Court will decide on Sunday the legitimacy of the vote on the ministerial cabin , which was held under the chairmanship of the speaker of parliament Saleem al - Jubouri in 26 of last April 's meeting. She said Hilali in a press statement today: " the front reform filed a lawsuit in federal court within the legal framework on the session unconstitutional on the 26th of last month , the voting on the new ministers and we are waiting for a final decision , " indicating that " the court will decide the legitimacy of the meeting , whether or not on Sunday." she added, that "no matter what the court 's decision is respectable for us , " pointing out that " the reform front will participate sessions of parliament as a bloc opposition in the event of the Court 's decision came deduced from us." She stressed Hilali on the "front of reform will not be a reason to disrupt the political process because our goal reform and stroll laws , "noting to" open the front door to dialogue with everyone to reach a collective agreement that satisfies all parties. "

BGG: This is the INK - pointing out the SJC will hear a "legitimacy case" against the new Ministers.

BGG: this is Maliki's bunch - still pouting about the new technocrat Ministers not being somehow - LEGIT.
BGG: whatever.

BGG: good thing the Iraqi SJC is quick about these things - if it were a US Supreme Court ruling - it would take YEARS.

BGG: I told you all to expect Maliki(s) gang to fight tooth and nail to the end.
BGG: and they are.

HUTCH: At what point is enough = enough. When they are all voted in?

BGG: Great question. I was thinking about that today...
BGG: Maybe - just maybe

DALE: BGG : I thought I saw a report about Mahmoud retiring in November, but I still see his name occasionally .... what'his status now ?

BGG: I think he is still there... but appears to be playing ball (for now).
BGG: if he retired - it would be HUGE NEWS. Maybe as big as Maliki.

DALE: BGG : Glad at least he's playing ball.

DAYTRADER: Would think that SJC ruling in favor of the legitimacy of the new ministers is also a statement that the sitters kangaroo court was not legitimate. Would think that would signal the end of this latest round of shenanigans.

BGG: I don't entirely agree... I expect this could go on a bit... but not long.

WATSON1: maliki how long do you think they will interfere with the goi and reforms

HUTCH: That may best be answered with the question I asked earlier, when is enough = enough?

BGG: Hard to say - as long as they can...

WATSON1: THANK YOU, what a shame

BGG: He and his crew are in DEEP trouble and they know it... Sadr knows it... everyone (other than Trump) knows it... only a matter of time.

MARTHA SUE: so were the bombings today caused by maliki ... to throw off the positives that were happening and keeping it stirred up? his goons creating havoc at his command ... and unless he is dead won't he keep doing that???

BGG: I don't think - directly... but I did a narrative on it earlier.

MARTHA SUE: OK ... will go back and find that. been out all day, thanks

TIFFANY01: So the 6 that have been voted in are just going to be sworn in on Sunday? Is this correct?

BGG: that sounds likely to me.
BGG: Yes... but obviously - we will keep an eye on it.

BGG: OK gang - got LOTS more to post on this - I'll have it in the Forum in the AM... early nite for me.