Masum, Allawi emphasize the serious liquidation quotas and corruption

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Search President Fuad Masum, the day Baghdad Wednesday afternoon with the head of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, File reforms and an end to political quota system.

A presidential statement said the two sides discussed "the importance of continuing efforts to promote understanding and work to overcome the obstacles facing the political process now as well as eating file reforms and the fight against corruption and the need to develop the national economy and ways to strengthen Iraq's regional and international position."

The statement pointed out that the meeting confirmed "stick Balzom real reforms and building state institutions according to professional competence, integrity and principles in order to achieve the will of the Iraqis overhaul serious and liquidation quotas and corruption, as has been discussed developments in the security situation, especially the victories of our troops armed current organizing Daash recent terrorist bombings that took place Baghdad and other provinces. "