Freedom of movement of capital to attract investment

BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate - Called economic Academy to ease restrictions on money entering heads to Iraq what would bring more attractive to foreign investment that the country needs to strengthen the infrastructure and development services.

He Acanuto Star Jaber Al- Omran , from the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Mustansiriya: the risk that hinder investment in all countries of the world is to change monetary and fiscal policies in the investor state where or put restrictions on currency conversion abroad or the imposition of new taxes.

He said in an interview for «morning », in some cases , the governments of these countries to resort to expropriation of foreigners through the steps of nationalization and its management of investment projects, noting, that this has happened in quite a number of countries , both in the continent of Asia, Africa or South America.

He said Imran, all that due to lack of political and economic instability and the lack of legal legislation guaranteeing foreign investor rights and is protected under frequent occurrence in these countries political and economic fluctuations , especially in regard to the long - term investment.

«it refers economists to the presence of many determinants that hinder the movement of capital and flow to this or that country, usually observe several divisions of these determinants we observe under several labels, including political, economic, financial, administrative, technological, legal and technical side of financial and administrative corruption, also note other divisions related to economic reform and the exchange rate and inflation ».

He returned Omran adds that politically stable countries and economically all over the world are working very hard to provide the appropriate environment to attract more foreign investment, and therefore believes that countries in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia and Singapore, had years before others in this area after it began providing the proper environment of the local private sector to work .

He said it carried out the privatization in the early and largely what led to attracting foreign direct investment , especially in the public benefit institutions, banks and the areas of communication, and then followed by China , South Korea and India, as did the countries of South America , where she worked to enact laws and regulations that ensure the protection of foreign direct investment and development and reducing the restrictions imposed on it.