Kurdish lawmaker: our relationship with Baghdad marriage coercion

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Kurdish lawmaker: our relationship with Baghdad marriage coercion

Description deputy for the coalition of Kurdish blocs, relationship with the Kurds of power in Baghdad to "forced marriage".

Jamal said that the Panthers "the presence of the Kurds in Baghdad since 2003, and so far is the presence of a symbolic and as a compulsion marriage] does not mean the presence of three or four ministers in response to participate in the government, but is marginal."

He added, "The Kurds of Representatives in the recent events of the parliament and the storming were more affected, and unfortunately we did not find appreciation for the part of the Kurdish", pointing to "attack some of the protesters on the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammad belongs to the nationalist Kurdish] and vice-response others, they were subjected to humiliation and harassment We do not know Why target Kurds in the House of Representatives. "

Panthers explained that these attacks "have raised several questions, including what is the justification for our presence as Kurds in Baghdad? What are the safeguards to prevent a repeat of what happened in the storming of parliament?".