Rasheed loans granted to citizens of up to 20 million

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Economy News / special

Rasheed Bank revealed that he was a financial loan of up to 20 million dinars worth to citizens who wish to work project at interest rates and said that she was suitable.

The general director of the Rasheed Bank Ministry of Finance's Mohamed Abdel Wahab told the "Economy News", the bank began and through its branches in all governorates of Iraq to grant loans to small entrepreneurs and the unemployed, ranging from 2 20 million dinars.

And Abdel Wahab The objective of granting these loans is to run the labor force in Iraq, including the unemployed for the purpose of finding a source of income to help them live well in providing for themselves and their Awaihm.

He said Abdul Wahab said the bank select controls and instructions to grant these loans, which determine the value of the loan depending on the type of work in addition to the need to provide a guarantor guarantor for a loan of up to 10 million dinars and increased this amount of the guarantee for the property by the beneficiary.

He pointed Abdul Wahab said the bank select for the payment of the loan period of three years and an interest rate estimated at 8% instead of 10% .msheera that the bank always seeks to encourage the granting of loans to small and medium enterprises for the purpose of local product support and encourage the national industry.

Abdul Wahab confirmed that the bank allocated a trillion and a half dinars within the credit plan for the current year 2016 for the purpose of supporting residential, industrial and agricultural sectors.

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