Prime Minister held regular meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi
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Thread: Prime Minister held regular meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi

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    Prime Minister held regular meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi

    Prime Minister held regular meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi

    The Press Office of the prime minister
    Tuesday, 10-5-2016

    The Cabinet held its regular day Tuesday under the chairmanship of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, a full-on the basis of article vii of the rules of procedure.

    And make sure Mr Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi on the importance of continuing the meetings of the council of ministers to discuss topics and taking actions that contribute to the stability and security and provide services to citizens.

    The Council discussed the follow-up the implementation of the plan to improve and increase the production of electricity energy citizens and fuel for generators civil and control their prices.

    And make sure Dr.-Abadi on a set of actions that have been taken to equip citizens with electricity during the summer and control of civil status of the generators.

    And in another assured by the council of ministers of citizens about the maintenance of the Mosul Dam, which goes by right where I started the Italian company sold her money and has been providing the necessary security protection.

    As the council of ministers decided to hurry to the launch of loans for projects large-and medium-citizens in the private sector.

    And the face of the council of ministers to the launch of assistance and financial allocations to deal with patients with malignant diseases and directed the ministry of health, the health status of the machines to treat diseases, cancer and take the necessary to secure it.

    The Council of ministers discussed the events that occurred in the country during the last few days. And Let's rejection to attacks that had occurred at the house of representatives also considered the action for the protection of the chamber of deputies and state institutions to prevent a repetition of what happened.

    And make sure the council of ministers is the importance of the resumption of the house of representatives seat for the exercise of its legislative and regulatory framework.

    The Cabinet took a series of decisions :-

    First - in order to improve and increase the processing power of citizens in the council of ministers decided as follows:

    - by the ministry of finance by a commitment to serve the ministry ready to ensure that the pay-for companies contracted by the ministry of electricity to provide the plants with gas oil.

    B-local governments:

    - agreed agenda cut computerized coordination between departments, provincial electricity generators and civil and employers more than hours of electricity supply to citizens.

    - development effectiveness of fair prices, electricity by owners civil generators.

    C. Directed the ministry of oil to provide friends civil generator fuel.

    II. The Ministry of finance necessary financial allocations in the draft of the federal budget for the fiscal year / 2017 for the implementation of the cabinet decision no. (429) to the age of 2012, about the fact that the ministry of finance holds the amounts the extinguisher with The benefits granted to each of the martyred after the date of the 9/4/2003 terrorist operations have to be the loan granted by the state banks for housing and a marriage.

    Thirdly - approved as follows:

    1-presentation of the lands of the ministry of the interior of the ad hoc from the ministry of finance for the land border crossing points and the draft National Card for investment.

    2 the formation of a committee to develop government outlets land under the chairmanship of minister of the interior and membership of representatives from the ministries of finance, and transport, Agriculture, health, and planning) and a representative of the secretariat of the council of ministers, the committee:
    . to facilitate the task of the implementation of the investment outlets.

    B. Develop mechanisms for the services in the outlets.

    C. Ratification of the design of the crossing.

    Iv - approved marudin wava:

    1-Bound Ministries and non-associated with the ministry and other government institutions all to prevent the import of any chemical substance present in the world bank report information contained linked to the book of the presidency of the council of ministers / advisers who number x / 181) and dated 17/2/2016, serviceable and the specifications of the same.

    2-mandated the panel of experts to continue to update information on chemicals and identify damaged and make recommendations on it.

    3-the ministry of defence using holocausts camp stiller.

    4-use of pyres camp stiller and water treatment plants and filter the water sterilization (Directorate of supply and transport) of the ministry of higher education and scientific research / science and technology / service dealing with hazardous waste and destruction.

    5-Bound Ministries and non-associated with the ministry and other government institutions enough updating information on chemicals excess and send her to the ministry of health / environment for the purpose of updating the bank information, and not to write any article, except on the recommendation of the panel Referred to in paragraph (2) above.

    V. Approval of the draft law on ratification of the convention of the transfer of sentenced persons between the government of the republic of Iraq and the government of the United Kingdom of great Britain and northern Ireland, signed in London on 8/10/2015 and referred it to the house of representatives, based on the provisions of articles 61 / item first and 80 / Item II) of the constitution.

    VI. Approval of the recommendation of the committee on economic affairs received under her book which no. : (S-L / 188 and dated 29/2/2016, and contained by the ministry of finance to pay the mortgage. Implications of the republic of Iraq of the shares of voluntary increase in Islamic foundation capital investment guarantee export credit according to the formula contained by the book of the central bank of Iraq / Directorate General for financial operations and management of religion which number : )6/741) dated 24/11/2015.

    As Council continued discussions with the international monetary fund and the global financial institutions for help Iraq to overcome financial crisis caused by the low oil prices.

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