There is no constitutional vacuum, other

Date: Tuesday, 10-05-2016 05:27 am

Tariq Harb-legal expert

A number of interested and not interested in Iraqi political affairs, that the country is in a constitutional vacuum, without them knowing, that vacuum means that all State authorities, or some such authorities do not operate entirely, and shape selected, where emptiness between constitutional rule and political reality,

This could not apply to Iraqi realities, as the legislative power (Parliament), functioning as specified in the Constitution and the rules of procedure, so that one week after the last session of Parliament on Saturday, April 30, 2016,

in addition to the Constitution (article 57) and the rules of procedure of the House of art (22), decided to two parliamentary deputies in each year, and calculate the first Parliament session which was on 7/1/2014,

the parliamentary recess begins On 1/5/2016, until 30/6/2016, on 1/7/2016, beginning to office hours, months after the Constitution in article (58) of the President or Prime Minister or speaker or fifty members of Parliament to call a special session during the parliamentary recess, and realistically,

Parliament will hold a hearing within a week which confirms the absence of constitutional vacuum for the legislature, which for Parliament, as well as no Vacuum in the Executive Branch, for the Council of Ministers, ministries and departments and divisions and their business bodies and did not stop work at any Ministry or Department or body or service even with reform measures, which included the replacement of a number of Ministers, resignation and dismissal of a number of Ministers,

where each Ministry staff from the top step, as agents and directors, do their homework on a daily basis, and the same thing said about the Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister of his constitutional powers, article (78) of the Constitution,

In the system cabinet, (8) for the year 2014, exercised directly, without the need to use other officials. Any without the need to outsource one or more Minister, the question of one or two meetings weekly Cabinet, due to lack of quorum, resulting in what is called a vacuum.

No there is no constitutional vacuum for the Premiership, as well as no constitutional vacuum for the Presidency of the Republic, where the Presidency is constitutionally prescribed duties and functions, under the rules of procedure for the Presidency (1) for the year 2015.

For the judiciary, the Federal Supreme Court and the Supreme Judicial Council, the Federal Supreme Court and other courts and tribunals, function as Rapporteur to article 19 article (90) to article (101) of the Constitution, there is no constitutional vacuum, for the judiciary, in short, that there's no such thing as constitutional vacuum in Iraq as defined by constitutional jurisprudence and governance experiences in different countries.