Association of private banks assess a symposium with the University of Mesopotamia to define the mechanism of action for small loans

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Set up private banks association Iraqi symposium in conjunction with the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Mesopotamia to explain the mechanism of financing of small and medium enterprises program .

According to Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks to Tariq told the "Economy News" that his association is trying to encourage the graduates to do the small and medium of their own projects, he said , adding that it was agreed with the University of Mesopotamia Faculty of Economics and Business of the signing of the cooperation between the two institutions to sustain informative seminars and set up a summer training sessions Agreement College students in private banks to encourage them to work in the private sector and employment while both graduation according to its competence in private banks, stating that he will hold future meetings to discuss the developments of the work between the two institutions .

He said Tariq, he We made ​​a presentation on the mechanisms and conditions for the introduction of the projects included in the geographic areas covered by loans .

It was the symposium comes within a series of seminars hosted by the Iraqi private banks association in universities and colleges to educate students and introduce them to operate within the private banking sector .


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