Dawa Party calls for support to deter squatters on state institutions procedures

News and reports - 2:16 - 08/05/2016 - Hits: 20

Called on the Islamic Dawa Party, the political blocs to support deter squatters on state institutions procedures. According to a statement of the party, quoted by the agency

{Euphrates News} "The first tasks is to support the reform of the political blocs for government action to deter law-breakers and squatters on state institutions." "Sons of the Iraqi people, the party and warned of some social networking for some political blocs are trying to sow discord and sedition in order to achieve its goals of malicious sites."

The Dawa Party called on the second of this May, called for the lifting of the immunity of MPs who incited the demonstrators broke into the premises. The demonstrators stormed Saturday 30 April, the Green Zone, and the building of the House of Representatives, and showed videos published by the media attacked the demonstrators with beatings {} on the number of MPs.

The three presidencies condemned during a meeting Sunday, storming parliament, and the attack on the number of members of the Council, stressing that "what happened is a serious exceeded the prestige of the state."

The face of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, last Sunday, the Interior Ministry to pursue the elements that attacked the security forces, citizens, and members of the House of Representatives, and the sabotage of public property, and bring them to justice; to receive their just punishment.

It is noteworthy that the President Fuad Masum, stressed Thursday the need for continuing dialogue between all political forces, intensify, and make every effort for the return of the legislative power to heal quickly under the dome of the parliament in a unified meeting, saying that "the continuation of the Council of Representatives sessions without disrupting during this critical stage, absolutely necessary for the protection of the political process and confront the big challenges, according to a presidential statement.