Grace wonder: Does "sovereign guarantees" which was given to the World Bank means the Basra oil?

8/5/2016 09:52

BAGHDAD / ... MP for reform emotions grace, Sunday warned Front, from manipulating the destiny of the province of Basra by borrowing from the World Bank, wondering about the truth of what is called (sovereign guarantees) obtained by the bank in exchange for lending Basra.

Said in a statement reported by its press office "Eye Iraq News" received a copy of it: "The World Bank as announced by the media and agreed in principle to lend to the province of Basra directly billion and a half billion dollars after receiving a sovereign guarantees, and consultations were still under way, and the street optic Today wondering about the true meaning of sovereign guarantees that are sure it means mortgaging the Basra oil, and this is in the event of receiving means breaking down the province's economy at present and in the future. "

He asked a blessing: "Why resort Basra to borrow while it should be the richest city in the world in natural resources of oil and gas, fertilizers, Bmwaniha and its strategic link between the East and the West? Where amounts allocated to the province of petrodollars? Is it came to pledge their oil in return for an external loan? "indicating that" if it were to grant Basra revenues and one oil tanker of which are sold daily to become the most beautiful and richest city and lived Albesrion good life. "

He revealed: "The governor of Basra Exchange in 2014 amounted to $ 950 billion dinars, or nearly trillion, where did all the money go?", Noting: "It is the duty of the Integrity Commission to play its role in revealing the fate of these funds and the areas that have been where spending and conduct an investigation to determine the cases of waste in state funds. "

She warned the blessing of Prime Minister and Finance Minister of "the consequences of the approval of the mortgage Basra oil and tampering Bmekdradtha and future generations," asking "not to cover up the suspicions of corruption related to the Governor of Basra," .anthy 12