Jubouri: Abadi was pressured to storm the parliament and we will raise the immunity of deputies complicit

May 8, 2016 6:36
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Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said Saturday evening, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi subjected to pressure in the storming of parliament protesters "in the past week.

He said al-Jubouri in a press conference with deputies as a city of Sulaimaniya, where he arrived today, said that "some of the security measures taken during the storming of the legislative institution where he put pressure on the Prime Minister who is also expressed his desire to correct some of what happened, but some of the measures may not be enough at the required level ".

He stressed that "any attack on the deputy or his deputy is an attack on the President of the House of Representatives and the legislative institution," he said, adding "we will hold negligent and accomplices, whether employees or Representatives, which facilitated the attack on members of parliament, it should not be going through the attack on Parliament unnoticed."

He added, "What happened to our colleagues, especially the House of Representatives deputy speaker of Syria, Sheikh Mohammed and President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc unless Talabani and the head of the Virtue Ammar Tohme is disgraceful and despicable."

He revealed al-Jubouri, "we started and we set out the procedures lawsuit and we started and we have set up suits and we have clear images of those who carried the attack and to whom complicity with the demonstrators on the House of Representatives will not relent in directing actions, even if it comes to lift the immunity of who the complicity of the House of Representatives in the attack on other legislators."

The Chairman of the Parliament, that "the country is under the fiercest attack Daash first two attacks that must be where all Iraqis to unite to confront them, and other crisis is the economic crisis that we stand together to overcome them."

And he stressed that the presence of Kurdish MPs of parliamentary sessions, they returned it as "important and necessary and necessary and we are keen on this matter, and should be attended by everyone."

The al-Jubouri, "the importance of the safety and security of Representatives, and prevent a repeat of what happened and we will demand the government to provide guarantees for it," noting that "the law and the Constitution does not specify the hearings a particular place, but we feel as a message for anyone who wants the mess that he must hold hearings in the parliament."

He continued, "The current crisis is not the first crisis does not expect to be the last on the Iraqi arena with the harshness together received from the infringement of the representatives of the people there is no way for us but to proceed to stability, and tomorrow I will have meetings with the leaders and the heads of political and parliamentary blocs in the region and we hope to get into position unified and a joint in the hearings. "